Quake Champions' Anarki is a transhuman punk with a hoverboard

Bethesda and id Software continues the slow trickle of Quake Champions gameplay footage, with the latest showcasing the hoverboard riding "transhuman punk" Anarki. As his status as a "transhuman punk" implies, this guy is not stuffing around: he has a hoverboard, which means he can move around quickly and fluidly mid-air, all the better to frag fools with.

His active ability is a health injection, which means he's able to heal himself on the fly. That doesn't seem very punk to me, but that's why it's punk: because it doesn't seem punk.

While the game has no firm release date at present, it went into closed beta this month. For more footage, there's a tonne to sift through over here.

Shaun Prescott

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