Quake Champions' summer update adds a new map and the Citizen Kane of weapon skins

(Image credit: Bethesda)

Quake Champions is still kicking on, long after the predicted arena shooter revival failed to eventuate. Its latest update looks like a meaty one: it introduces a new map, a handful of new weapon skins, and a swathe of tweaks and fixes.

The new map is called the Tower of Koth. It's a "Ithagnal-themed" map that's playable in a bunch of modes including Team Deathmatch and Instagib. "Rising from its viridian morass," the description reads, "a row of skyward teeth speak to the chosen a singular truth: come to know this key and you will open any lock."

There's some new Season 7 Battle Pass rewards, too in the form of weapon skins based on Quake 4 weapons:

  • Level 1 – CITIZEN KANE – Q4 Blaster Pistol (Starting Machinegun)
  • Level 50 – PAINKILLER – Q4 Shotgun (Super Shotgun)
  • Level 100 – RAVAGER – Q4 Hyperblaster (Super Nailgun)

There's also a long list of changes and bug fixes, including to Clan Arenas and the Awoken map. You can see the whole changelog on the Quake Champions website.

Quake Champions went free-to-play in 2018 .

Shaun Prescott

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