Quake Champions is getting new music from Brutal Doom composer Andrew Hulshult

If you're an attentive Quake Champions fan, you may have noticed that videos released over the past few months have featured music that's not featured in the game. Today, Bethesda finally revealed the secret: Andrew Hulshult, the "sweet metal Viking" behind the music heard in Brutal Doom and Dusk, is creating a new soundtrack for the game. 

"This update will be a top to bottom, in-game music preview," community manager Joshua Boyle wrote. "Everything from the menu idle music to each map's theme music during the match; including the different theme music you hear whether you win or lose. Top to bottom—it’s the whole shebang." 

Hulshult's music is excellent (hit up his YouTube channel to hear how he rolls) but if you're really committed to the original soundtrack, you'll be taken care of too. "Don't worry - the uber talented Grammy-winning Chris Vrenna's music that we all know and have been loving in-game since CBT isn't going away. We're just letting everybody experience Andrew Hulshult's new material for a little while," Boyle added. "Both will be available in-game in good time." 

The music in the "Gore" preview video from May is, according to this Steam thread, one example of new, previously-unattributed music that doesn't appear in the game.

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The new music will be added to the game in the next update, which doesn't have a hard date but is expected to go live soon. A sample of Hulshult's work on the Dusk soundtrack is rockin' down below. 

Andy Chalk

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