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Quake Champions is getting classic 'The Longest Yard' map this month

Quake Champions is getting one of the series' best-known maps in this month's content update. Originally featured in Quake 3 Arena, 'The Longest Yard' (or Q3DM17 to the hardcore), is a jump-pad strewn obstacle course suspended in the sky. Expect to plunge to your death with regularity, unless you've been playing on the thing since it originally released 19 years ago.

Here's some footage of the map:

But September has other new stuff as well. In addition to new arcade modes and finetuning aplenty, a new Champion in the form of speed-and-agility focused Athena, will be added to the roster. "Athena swings in on her grappling hook, allowing players to fly high above the fray, dropping rockets and plasma and rail shots on the poor suckers left walking below," so reads the official description. Check her out in the video below.

As for the arcade modes, these constantly-rotating diversions include Hot Rockets (everyone spawns with a rocket launcher with infinite ammo and quad damage), Team Instagib (one-hit-to-frag, 4v4), Unholy Trinity (spawn with a Rocket Launcher, Railgun and Lightning Gun) and Sacrifice (4v4 Obelisk capture).

Check out the full update here. Quake Champions is now free-to-play.

Shaun Prescott
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