Pulsefire Ezreal skin for League of Legends changes as you level, is a kind of a big deal


Riot Games has been teasing the Pulsefire Ezreal skin for awhile, and the big reveal today makes it clear why: it's kind of a big deal. The reveal page on their website is one of the most elaborate I've seen for any non-expansion update to a game.

All the digital knobs, buttons, and videos on the site show how Riot Games is going above and beyond every other skin they've built before, including their legendaries.

The biggest element is that the appearance of the skin will change as you level up Ezreal's ultimate ability, Trueshot Barrage, at levels 6, 11, and 16. Over the course of the match, your Ezreal's sci-fi robotic armor will grow from an arm cannon and some flimsy metal plates to a fully-armored powermech suit.

Like LoL's legendary skins, Pulsefire Ezreal will incorporate all new animations, spell effects, and voice-overs. To show up all the other skins, Pulsefire also comes with new dances, taunts, jokes, and a jetpack that will alter his run animation after you max out his ultimate ability training.

The developers have put together a behind-the-scenes look at how they made the skin, which includes pictures of men wearing backpacks.

The Pulsefire skin will be available for 1625 RP (roughly $12.50) for a short while after it's released, before settling at its permanent price of 3250 RP (roughly $25). Legendary skins—although Riot stresses that this skin is in a league of its own above even legendary skins—have only cost 1820 RP (roughly $14), but have not been this complex either.

Are you considering buying this skin at either price?