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PUBG's 'One Gun Warrior' event mode removes weapon spawns from Erangel

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My valiant attempt at fists-only victory (opens in new tab) in PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds went up in smoke. Perhaps I'll fare better in this week's limited-time event mode, which also asks players to commit to one method of attack. The catch? It removes weapon spawns from the map entirely. 

One Gun Warrior sets players loose on Erangel with just one firearm. You'll scavenge for ammo and supplies, but no weapons spawn throughout the match. You can however relieve fallen enemies of their arsenal, but can equally commit to whichever gun you've been sent in with. 

Set to run from today at 7pm PDT / 3am BST tomorrow, through the same times on October 28 / 29, One Gun Warrior will operate third-person perspective only. With 100 players, it's a solo mode exclusive with weather locked at sunny. 

According to this Steam Community post (opens in new tab), here's the mode's weapon kit spawns:

  • [SR] AWM with 4x Scope, Compensator, QuickDraw Mag, and Cheek Pad
  • [LMG] M249 with 3x Scope
  • [DMR] MK14 with Suppressor, QuickDraw Mag, and 2x Scope
  • [AR] Groza with Suppressor, Extended Mag, and Holographic Sight
  • [SMG] UMP with Flash Hider, Laser Sight, Red Dot Sight, Extended QuickDraw Mag, Level 1 Vest, and Level 1 Helmet
  • [HR] Win94 with Bullet Loops, Level 2 Vest, and Level 2 Helmet
  • [SG] S686 with Choke, Bullet Loops, Level 2 Vest, and Level 2 Helmet
  • [Pistol] P18C with Suppressor, Laser Sight, Extended QuickDraw Mag, Red Dot Sight, Level 3 Vest, and Level 3 Helmet
  • [Melee] Frying Pan, Level 3 Vest, Level 3 Helmet, and Ghillie Suit
  • [Throwable] Ten Frag Grenades
  • [ETC] Crossbow with 6x Scope, Quiver, Level 3 Vest, Level 3 Helmet, and Ghillie Suit
  • [ETC] Flare gun (Items from flare gun airdrops follow the normal flare gun loot rules)

Following last week's PC 1.0 Update #23 PC (opens in new tab), PUBG has added a number of UI tweaks and bug fixes. The sum of those can be perused at the foot of this post (opens in new tab)