PUBG teases foggy weather ahead of incoming Mini-14 update [Updated]

Update: PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds' next update is almost upon us, bringing with it the new Mini-14 rifle, bug fixes, FPP leaderboards and foggy weather conditions. The game's official Twitter feed has teased how the latter will look in-game. 

PUBG's existing rain condition can transform battles. Thunder, for example, can mask heavy footfall; while an overcast sky can reduce draw distance. With fog, visibility is naturally compromised.    

Here's a glimpse of how it might look:

It's not without its detractors, but I personally love PUBG's rain and am looking forward to how fog will force players to adjust and adapt. As noted below, the game's imminent update is expected later this week. 

Original story: 

According to Wikipedia, the Mini-14 is "a lightweight .223 caliber rifle" that's favoured by "law enforcement, security personnel, hunters, ranchers and target shooters." We can soon add semi-naked, frying pan-wielding, battle royale fighters to that ensemble as the semi-automatic shooter is en route to PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds. 

Due in its next incoming update, the game's official Twitter account posted this earlier today:  

Having abandoned its regular monthly update schedule last month—so as to maintain a "high standard of quality" moving forward—PUBG's next build is for now without a concrete launch date. It is however expected next week, with test servers "up for at least two days early next week". 

When it arrives, it'll come with the Mini-14, new foggy weather conditions, FPP leaderboards and a handful of bug fixes.