PUBG's latest limited-time Event Mode is live and focused on flares

Flares have been added to PlayerUnknown's Battleground? Nice! The game definitely needs better clothes. Not sure how I feel about bell-bottomed breeches, mind you, but I guess beggars can't be choosers.  

Ah, flare guns. I see. 

PUBG's latest custom game, limited-time Event Mode is live now through Sunday, April 1 at 7pm PST/Monday, April 2 at 3am BST. It has flare guns, evidently, and they look like this:

Similar to Fortnite's Limited Time Modes, PUBG's Event spectacles are designed to trial new things and experiment with different game parameters, so reads this forum FAQ. In this case, flare guns are applied to the game's sandswept Miramar location, in TPP, four-player squad matches. 

Spawn locations are limited, says PUBG Corp in this Steam Community post, and are resigned to specific single-dwelling houses throughout the map. Inside you'll find two care package weapons, some level 3 armour and supplies.  

As mentioned in the FAQ, Event Mode battles are unranked but nevertheless grant players BP at the match's end. Follow that link there for more information on all of the above. 

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