PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds teases retro fashion 'Fever' crates

PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds is getting a new map next month, despite the fact dealing with cheaters has preoccupied PUBG Corp of late. To mark the beginning of its newest season, the last-person-standing 'em up is also in-line for two new cosmetic crates: The Fever crate, and the Militia crate.   

From back to front, the Militia crate treats battle royalers to an 'Erangel resistance force' outfit and/or 'Miramar frontiersman' rig out—dropped randomly among the game's four existing crates free-of-charge. 

The Fever crate, on the other hand, grants players an ensemble of neat '70s and '80s-inspired threads. They look like this:

Despite demand—seriously, who is willing to pay upwards of $450 for a cosmetic trench coat?—PUBG's outfits are otherwise pretty bland, so I'm all for adding a splash of disco-era clobber into the mix. Those outfits there can be purchased with BP and/or unlocked with Early Bird keys, so says the developer. 

Both Fever and Militia crates go live on test servers today, and will be officially released tomorrow, February 22. Find out more this way.