PUBG teases a fourth map with snow in E3 trailer, due this winter

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During Microsoft's E3 2018 press conference, a trailer for PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds had a surprising tease at the very end, showing what appeared to be a brand new snow map. In just a brief glimpse, we see a first-person view of someone following the snowy footprints of another player.

Over on PUBG's official Twitter, a tweet confirmed that the map will be coming in winter 2018. What wasn't immediately clear, however, is whether this map is the same map that PUBG Corp first teased back in Game Informer's 2017 June issue. A new post on PUGB's Steam community confirms that it's a separate map. In the post's words:

"This map is currently very early in development, and we’re aiming to bring it to both PC and Xbox One this winter. Expect to see some new mechanics built around the snowy terrain.

Soon we’ll also have more news about our fast-approaching third map, Sanhok. We’re proud to announce that it’ll come to PC on June 22, and to Xbox in late summer 2018."

The Steam update also offers a bit more detail on a new item shown in the trailer: the ballistic shield. " The ballistic shield is a new tool for setting up cover points for when you’re in otherwise exposed territory. It can be used simultaneously with sidearms, smgs, melee weapons, and throwable grenades."

Steven Messner

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