Psyonix launches Rocket League Championship Series

Rocket League

While I'm disappointed that Psyonix has missed the opportunity to christen 'The Boom League' or 'Hyper Bowl', an official Rocket League Championship Series has been a long time coming.

Rocket League has been supported by ESL almost since launch, allowing players to organise their own tournaments. MLG also held a thrilling open Rocket League series will a prize pool of $500, but Psyonix, in conjunction with Twitch, is now offering $75,000 to the RLCS victors.

Starting March 25, anyone can register for the qualifiers in teams of three—the format in which all RLCS games will be played. Season will last three months, and in addition to PC players, you can expect to be matched up against our funny ol' PlayStation cousins with additional platform support "to be revealed in future".

I'm a doubles man, myself, but if you feel like asserting dominance, I'll be playing some duels in the tournament gaming area at the PC Gamer Weekender this, well, weekend. Grab your tickets here.