Psychotic Sims 3 speed run achieves lifetime wish in under four minutes. Watch the video

How do you beat a game about life, romance and ambition in three-and-a-half minutes? If you're thinking "well just create a charming character, pick the gold digger lifetime wish, marry a rich sim, then lock her in a tiny box and burn it down to secure her inheritance" then firstly, what is wrong with you , and secondly, yes, absolutely that.

Kotaku spotted NeverNotKicking's video of his successful run. The hardest part, he says in the YouTube description, was "ENGAGING THE WOMAN IN A CONVENIENT LOCATION", which isn't disturbing at all.

The game doesn't end there, of course, but with his lifetime wish achieved, what more can this bespectacled psychopath really hope to achieve with his life? Watch him tearfully reach his his goal in the video below.

Tom Senior

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