Protect your PC with this discounted battery backup from CyberPower

It's never fun when the power goes out while you're sitting at your PC. That is where an uninterruptible power supply (UPS) comes into play. If you don't have one, you should get one before you need it, and you can grab one on sale at Newegg.

Newegg is selling CyberPower's GX1325U model this week for $190, but you can grab it for $122 if you use promo code AFEMBRCE69. That's a really good price for this particular unit, which boasts pure sine wave.

This model is essentially a step down from our top pic, CyberPower's CP1500PFCLCD. That one is a 1500VA (900W) model, whereas the one on sale is a 1325VA (810W) unit.

What's also different is that CyberPower markets its GX1325U specifically at gamers, though they're mostly the same from what we can tell. Pure sine wave is the big feature to look for when shopping for backup power supplies. Many of the cheaper UPSes uses simulated sine wave output, which is a stepped sine wave that approximates what you get out of your wall outlet. Some electronics are sensitive to simulated sine waves and can behave in unexpected ways.

The GX1325U has 10 outlets, half of which offer both battery backup and surge protection, and the other half just surge protection. It also has two USB ports that you can use to charge devices, and a multi-function LCD.

You can find this UPS here.

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