Protect your PC from power spikes and outages with this $100 UPS

Every so often, we see CyberPower's battery backups go on sale. If you missed your chance to pick one up at a discount the last time it was marked down, now is the time to take a mulligan—the company's 1000VA/600W model (CP1000PFCLCD) is on sale for $100 at B&H Photo.

There are no mail-in-rebates to fuss with, just click on the $50 coupon on the product page before adding it to your cart. You also get free expedited shipping with this deal.

The CP1000PFCLCD is one of the better uninterruptible power supplies for the money. This particular model is a less beefy version of our top pick in the UPS category, the 1500VA/900W CP1500PFCLCD. That means less time to save your work before shutting down properly in the event of an outage, but you still get a useful LCD screen for monitoring and true sine-save support, in a compact package.

For plugging in hardware, there are 10 outlets, five of which offer both battery backup and surge protection, with the other five offering surge-only protection. It also has Ethernet and coax connectors.

You can find this UPS on sale here.

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Paul Lilly

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