Pro wrestling RPG WrestleQuest delayed thanks to heel interference in the final minutes

WrestleQuest screenshot detail
(Image credit: Mega Cat Studios)

Remember when WWE boss Vince McMahon was in the hospital, and just as his examination was concluding and all seemed well, Stone Cold Steve Austin leapt in out of nowhere and clocked him with a bedpan? This is kind of like that: The pro rasslin' RPG WrestleQuest (Mr. McMahon) has been delayed (Stone Cold) by a last-minute bug (the bedpan).

Announced in early 2022, WrestleQuest is a pixel-art RPG that casts players as an ambitious young wrestler looking to make their mark on the scene during the glory years of the 1980s and '90s. It's not an officially licensed WWE game but it features a number of big names from that era including Macho Man Randy Savage, Andre the Giant, Jake The Snake Roberts, Diamond Dallas Page, Booker T, and Jeff Jarrett, who liked the idea so much he appeared in a recent WrestleQuest ad, complete with his trademark guitar.

The game was actually supposed to be out today, August 8, so the delay is very last-minute: An email announcing the new launch date was sent out just before 9 pm ET on August 7.

"When performing final checks on one of our launch platforms, we discovered it was possible for players to lose their save game progress when playing WrestleQuest on multiple different devices," Mega Cat Studios and Skybound Entertainment said. "Because this is a game filled with hours of content and player progress is so important, we could never bodyslam our fans like that."

Assuming no further bedpan bumps are on the horizon, WrestleQuest will be out on August 22. In the meantime, a WrestleQuest demo remains available on Steam, and here, for your entertainment and edification, is one of the single greatest moments in professional wrestling history. Enjoy.

Andy Chalk

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