Prison Architect makes over $1 million from alpha purchases

Introversion's Prison Architect has tapped into a previously unknown collective desire to boss around hardened criminals without fear of retribution. The management sim, currently being sold as a pre-release alpha through the developer's website , has now raised over $1,000,000 in sales.

"What an incredible milestone! We are incredibly thankful to everyone who has joined us so far," tweeted Introversion. So far, 30,404 people have bought one of the various alpha packages, raising a total of $1,021,675 (approx. £652,000).

Looking through the figures, it was the $30 Base Pack that unsurprisingly proved the most popular. It's the standard package, granting an alpha copy of the game and access to all future updates. It's provided Introversion with by far the largest slice of cash - $734,400 from 24,480 buyers.

The next highest tier was the $50, the Name in the Game pack, which outperformed both the $35 and $40 packages in both money and buyer numbers. $97,250 was raised through this tier, meaning that, to date, 1,945 people paid money to have their namesakes incarcerated in your various prisons.

Find out more about Prison Architect in Graham's preview , or see details of Introversion's latest update for the game here .

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Phil Savage

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