Prey teases terrifying Nightmare monster who's 'designed to chase and hunt you'

Besides being shown its opening 35 minutes (watch that at your discretion) last week, the most recent non-spoiler-filled trailer for Arkane's Prey examined the so-called "alien ecology" that's out to kill protagonist Morgan Yu. To be honest, I didn't fancy our chances against Mimics, Weavers or Phantoms, but the latest showing poses a different threat entirely. 

Nightmares—creatures that are "designed to chase you, basically, to hunt you"—feature in the following short around the 1.55 mark and, um, yeah, good luck with those. 

The rest of the trailer touches upon the player's role in unfolding Yu's memory-shot story, how you'll interact with NPCs by way of voluntary side-quests, and If you've been following the chatter about the player's ability to morph from human form into coffee mugs you might spot up there which might unsettle you (clue: I wasn't aware the bad guys shared all of our powers till now). 

Choice, it seems, is also important to Yu's story. "The way that I play Morgan Yu really depends on the day that I'm playing," says lead producer Susan Kath above. "There's so many different ways. Sometimes I want to approach the game from a different perspective than on other days. There's a lot of opportunities to either play as ethically as possible, or perhaps as unethically."

Prey is due May 5, 2017. In February, Phil asked: Is Prey the BioShock successor we've been waiting for? Follow that link to read he and the developers' words in search of an answer.