Prey's "Secrets From the Announce Trailer" video teases something in the coffee cup

If the “new” Prey teaser released today, called Secrets from the Announce Trailer, strikes you as oddly familiar, it's likely because you saw this video last week. Both were recorded in June at E3, presumably during the same session, and Bethesda is now drip-feeding the information they contain to the world at large. But while the video isn't really new in the strictest sense of the word, at least some of what it has to say is. 

The E3 reveal trailer didn't actually reveal much at all, but Arkane Co-Creative Director Raphael Colantonio says there's more to it than meets the eye. There's something about the coffee cups, for instance, and also the chair, which is actually an alien who either wants you to be comfortable, or wants you to be lunch. Also interesting is that the space station in which the game takes place will be an entirely open environment. 

“Everything is contiguous. You can always come back to where you were before. The content might have changed," Colantonio says. "And you can also visit its outside in zero-G, and go from different airlock to different airlock to find shortcuts.” 

It's fair to say that as secrets go, nothing uncovered in this video is quite up to the standard of, say, whatever it is that Blizzard is currently hiding in Overwatch. But the promise of a new sci-fi FPS with gameplay echoes of Dishonored is definitely something worth paying attention to. Prey is currently slated for launch in 2017.

Andy Chalk

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