Pre-order Sleeping Dogs and get the Triad Pack in Team Fortress 2

"Well, there's piss and milk."

"And the water. Water makes you wet too."

That's the kind of office discussion Team Fortress 2's Triad Pack encourages. It's all thanks to the Pyro's new melee weapon, The Neon Annihilator, which gives 100% crits towards wet players. In theory, this means Pyros can set people alight, then whack them for a crit as they douse themselves to survive the burning. Or you could keep an eye out for players covered in piss and/or milk and target them.

The pack also includes the Heavy's Huo Long Heatmaker. It's a monstrous gun that pumps out a ring of flames at the cost of ammo, resulting in a cool-looking anti-spy tool. The flying guillotine is a secondary weapon for the Scout which (predictably) causes players to bleed heath points. The Spy also gets a new toy: the Red-Tape recorder is a unique sapper which reverses enemy building construction, playing the animations backwards before the deployable packs itself into a toolbox. Spies love that kind of thing. Engineers don't.

There are also a few cosmetic items included: a gold chain that's worm outside your shirt, a sexy tattoo, silly glasses and a crash helmet.

All of the above items are also available in the Team Fortress 2 shop for real money, as well as for players who pre-order Sleeping Dogs.

What's your favourite Team Fortress 2 item so far? I spent 3:49 on this taunt . I regret nothing.