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Pragmata is a new lunar adventure from Capcom, launching in 2022

Capcom announced Pragmata at Sony's PlayStation 5 showcase earlier today, a stylish adventure game "set in a dystopian near-future on Earth's moon." The trailer above looks promising: a bulky suited figure wanders a post-disaster Times Square, finds a young girl, and then... floats to the moon.

It's not the most enlightening trailer in the world, and little wonder: the game isn't launching until 2022, and we won't be hearing any more about it until next year. According to Capcom's announcement post it'll boast "a breathtaking and immersive sci-fi setting like never before."

It might be just me, but I catch a faint whiff of Death Stranding in the CG trailer above. The game is confirmed for PC, as well as next-gen consoles.

Sony's showcase served up a bunch of PC-relevant announcements, including Square Enix's Project Athia, footage from Gearbox's hero RPG Godfall, and Resident Evil 8, among others.

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