Portal 2: Aperture Tag mod adds level editor and Steam Workshop support

Aperture Tag is a Portal 2 mod inspired by Tag: The Power of Paint , the 2009 DigiPen student project which influenced Portal 2's gel mechanics and puzzles. Instead of shooting portals, you shoot the game's orange and blue liquids, which make you run faster and jump higher, respectively. And now you'll be able to add your own mods to the mix.

Taking the portals out of Portal admittedly doesn't sound like the best pitch, but if you've been keeping up with Mod of the Week , you know that it looks really fun. With the announcement that it's going to include a level editor and Steam Workshop integration, you'll also be able to make your own fun.

“Currently, the level editor and it's parts are very rough and mostly a proof of concept,” the mod's creator Motanum said . “However, this does show that it's a feasible thing to do. Where the goods greatly displace the flaws, so even if it is not as simple to use as Portal 2's editor, it still would bring a lot of value to the game.”

Aperture Tag was approved by Steam Greenlight in February, and Motanum hopes to release it later this summer. You can keep up with its development on its Steam page .