Polycount's VG Remix contest is full of beautiful low-poly game dioramas

You'll probably know Polycount from their occasional Valve-partnered contests. Some of the site's users have made items now found in Dota 2 and Team Fortress 2 . Those items have gone on to secure their creators big money hats, to be worn in a big money houses, built atop big money islands. (They made a lot of money, is what I'm saying.) The site also runs less lucrative, but equally creative contests - like this one in partnership with Sketchfab . The brief was to create low-poly gaming dioramas in the tool, and the results is a series of excellent, interactive tributes full of charm and detail.

You'll find a few (PC relevant) relevant examples below. Be sure to full-screen them for maximum impact, and remember: this is only a tiny portion of the full, frequently amazing thread .

Canabalt by adam

Dishonored by AzzaMat

Enemy Territory: Quake Wars by Shiv

The Secret of Monkey Island by hopgood

X-COM: UFO Defense by Saiblade

Mirror's Edge by robert.nally

I'll stop there before I accidentally embed the entire thread. Do go and browse it .

Voting for the contest's winner is due to take place next week. Good luck to everyone who entered.

Phil Savage

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