Pneuma: Breath of Life brings its philosphical puzzling to Greenlight


Okay, 'fess up. Who made it first-person puzzler day without telling me? Actually, you know what, I don't want to know. I'm going to use my own first-person view to puzzle it out myself. First, though, I'll tell you about Pneuma: Breath of Life, which, as you've probably deduced, is another first-person puzzle game.

As you'll see from the trailer below, Pneuma has more than a shade of The Talos Principle about it. That extends beyond its seemingly considered puzzle style, through to its philosophical querying about the nature of being.

Honestly, video games, what's with all the forcing people to question their own sense of self?

You'll note from the shiny environments that Pneuma's being made in UE4. It's also got Oculus Rift support, as revealed by the bearded face that appears one minute into the video.

Due out early this year, Pneuma is currently seeking approval on Steam Greenlight. Head there now for more details and screenshots.

Phil Savage

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