PlayStation drops a huge 11 minute Spider-Man 2 gameplay reveal

PlayStation's showcase ended with a bang today as Insomniac shared a lengthy 11-minute gameplay demo of Spider-Man 2, which is coming this year to PS5 and eventually to PC.

The demo is reminiscent of the way that Insomniac showed off its first Spider-Man game: a full-length mission with fighting, stealth, and a destructive chase between both Spider-Mans and a villain in a helicopter.

Back then, that mission's linearity and quick-time events had some worried that PlayStation's version of the hero would play a lot like an Uncharted game, but now knowing what Insomniac's open world Spider-Man is all about, I spent the 11 minutes poring over the details. It looks like you'll be switching between Peter and Miles on the regular in Spider-Man 2, though it doesn't seem like you can character-swap whenever you want. By this time in the game, Peter has donned the black Venom suit and it looks like he'll have a whole new combat system built around symbiotic tendril powers. Peter also deploys a new piece of traversal tech I can't wait to use: a wingsuit.

Miles, on the other hand, might be the more gadget-oriented spider this time around. It's during his section that we see a new stealth gadget: a special web shooter that creates wires Miles can walk on.

The demo also sets the stage for Spider-Man 2's story. One of Spider-Man's oldest villains in the comics, Kraven the Hunter, is in town after Dr. Curt Connors, who by this time has already turned into The Lizard. Pete and Miles intervene to protect Connors, and at the end we see Miles show discomfort with Peter's increasingly aggressive behavior since adopting the Venom suit. We can all guess where that's going, but I like these versions of these characters so much that I can't wait to see how it plays out anyways.

Spider-Man 2 is out later this year on PS5. Hopefully the PC port wait won't be too long.

Morgan Park
Staff Writer

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