Terry Crews likes PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds more than you

Since its Early Access launch in March, PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds has gone from strength to strength—showering players with updates and watching its player count skyrocket along the way. 

One such player who's taken to its bloodthirsty war zones is ex-NFL linebacker-turned-Hollywood star-turned PC gaming enthusiast Terry Crews. In an interview with PC Gamer, the sergeant from Brooklyn Nine-Nine admitted with much enthusiasm that Bluehole's free-for-all battle royale has for now surpassed Overwatch as he and his son Isaiah's favourite game.

"[Our favourite] was Overwatch at first, we loved Overwatch, we still love it," Crews tells me over Skype. "But then we got into PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds. PUBG? Holy cow, we can’t get enough. You know what? It’s a safe way to do paintball. You are literally in this world and then they start closing the battlefield around you, and people are trying to kill you—my son and I have been having so much fun on PUBG that right now that’s my go to game." 

Those of you who've been following Crews' often adorable foray into PC gaming might've caught him and his son tackling Job Simulator on the HTC Vive last year. Crews suggests that while there aren't an abundance of games that support the medium for now, he reckons VR will be huge in the future—so long as it pays deference to storytelling and caters to players' focused interests.

"It’s totally the future but you gotta work on making the stories as interesting as possible," says Crews. "My family and I just got the Oculus. I’m enjoying how easy it is to get into games with that. The Oculus is actually easier than the HTC Vive. We have both and when we play the Oculus it’s a lot smoother. [Crews makes a point of noting he is not sponsored by either the Vive or Oculus.] I do think that once that they can bring some more themed games like, say, Star Wars and stories that we are much more familiar with, I think VR is gonna take off. It’ll be non-stop from there. 

"You have to get into the programme of more recognisable brands and I think once that happens we’ll be on the right path. I would love if we could do a whole episode of Brooklyn Nine-Nine in VR where it puts you in the precinct. Once we do that I think it’ll go to the next level."

Look out for our full interview with Terry Crews later this week.