Players in The Lord of the Rings Online gather to honor the late Sir Ian Holm

Players gather around Bilbo Baggins in Rivendell.
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Sir Ian Holm, who played Bilbo Baggins in The Lord of the Rings movies and Frodo Baggins in the BBC radio version, died on June 19 at the age of 88. He was honored by players across multiple servers in The Lord of the Rings Online, some meeting at the Baggins' home of Bag End while others walked to Rivendell together to gather around the in-game Bilbo and pay their respects.

According to Redditor RoadrageWorker on the Belegaer server (opens in new tab), "we gathered in front of Bag End, and to Lobelia's dislike, had a big firework. There was music and mourning, and we all wished Ian godspeed on this last of journeys." A similar spontaneous group got together on the Laurelin server and, as sudo_rm_onering added, "My understanding is it basically broke the whole Shire during the gathering lol. And I couldn't be more approving."

Lord of the Rings Online developer Standing Stones Games has made the Baggins' Birthday quest playable until June 23 (opens in new tab). The Spring Festival is also back for an encore, running until June 29.

Holm will also be remembered for his roles in many films including Alien, Brazil, and Chariots of Fire. Peter Jackson shared his memories of working with Holm inThe Lord of the Rings on Facebook (opens in new tab).

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