Play RaiderZ this weekend exclusively with PC Gamer

Remember RaiderZ? The free to play Monster Hunter inspired MMO about killing giant beasties and turning their bones into enormous swords? It's going to be starting beta in Europe soon, but our lovely readers can get in to a pre-beta play session this weekend.

The closed beta itself starts on the 9th, but we're having a special beta weekend just for PC Gamer readers. Access starts at 5pm on Friday, and runs all the way to midnight on Sunday.

To get a beta key, simply visit the Raiders website to sign up. You'll be given a beta key, which you can then redeem here . That'll enable your account, and then you can download the client from here .

UPDATE - Some people are having trouble with the download link. Copying and pasting the link ( in full into your browser should solve this.

Now I know what you're thinking. You're thinking, "Tom, how is this an exclusive? Couldn't we just share that link with anyone without even crediting you guys?" And the answer is "No, you cannot." Like all PC Gamer exclusives, this beta code is protected by Graham's dark Scottish magics, which will cause spontaneous beard growth in anyone who attempts it.

If you're interested in hearing a little bit more about the game, you can check out our RaiderZ preview. Now go forth, and kill large things.