Play Love for six months for 10 Euros


Eskil Steenberg has announced that his abstract MMO Love will be offering six months of playtime for just 10 Euros. That's five months more time than 10 Euros would previously get you. The game has also been updated with a series of bugfixes and some new features. Read on for details.

The game now has mines, deserts, gas fields, ice areas and torn tundra areas. Settlements have been redesigned and tribal AI has been upgraded. Also, worryingly, "Tribes now manufacture Dark matter." There's also a brand new animation tool that will let you create your own movements.

You can read the full list of new features on the press release announcing the price drop. One of the most useful additions has to be the much needed tutorial video that will give new players some ground rules for how the strange world of Love works.

To download the client and get hold of a much discounted chunk of gameplay time, head to the official Love site.

Tom Senior

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