Play Fallout 4 for free from now until Sunday, and buy it at 50% off

If you've been waiting for just the right moment to finally dive into Fallout 4, it's here. Fallout 4 is free to play on PC right now, and this free period lasts until Sunday, February 4. During that time, the base game is 50% off (Steam says this 'weekend deal' lasts until February 12, which may either be an error or an exceptionally long weekend).

Other discounts during the free weekend: 40% off Fallout 4 Game of the Year Edition (which includes all the DLC) and 50% off the season pass. Here's the full list of discounts:

50% off:

  • Fallout 4 Core Game
  • Fallout 4 Season Pass

40% off:

  • Fallout 4 G.O.T.Y. (Game of the Year Edition)
  • Fallout 4: Automatron
  • Fallout 4: Contraptions Workshop
  • Fallout 4: Far Harbor
  • Fallout 4: Nuka-World
  • Fallout 4: Vault-Tec Workshop
  • Fallout 4: Wasteland Workshop
Christopher Livingston
Staff Writer

Chris started playing PC games in the 1980s, started writing about them in the early 2000s, and (finally) started getting paid to write about them in the late 2000s. Following a few years as a regular freelancer, PC Gamer hired him in 2014, probably so he'd stop emailing them asking for more work. Chris has a love-hate relationship with survival games and an unhealthy fascination with the inner lives of NPCs. He's also a fan of offbeat simulation games, mods, and ignoring storylines in RPGs so he can make up his own.