Play a shopkeeper with grand ambitions in the adorable Moonlighter


I'll admit that Moonlighter caught my eye on looks alone. The flood of pixel art these past few years has left me jaded on the style, but Moonlighter is in the vein of Hyper Light Drifter—a game that doesn't have to be pixel art but wants to because it's rockin' the look.

Moonlighter follows Will, a shopkeeper with ambitions of becoming a hero. The hero lifestyle is hard to fund however, so the shop has to stay well stocked with exotic goods. Trouble is, the economy isn't so developed in Rynoka, a town so far into the middle of nowhere that it's surrounded by dungeons. What follows is a series of foolhardy supply runs inspired by The Legend of Zelda and Rogue Legacy (the dungeons generate afresh on each attempt).

Moonlighter has reached its final day of voting on Square Enix Collective—Squenix's pre-crowdfunding interest-gauging platform. Dev Digital Sun reports that Moonlighter already has 92% 'yes' votes, making it the sixth-most popular Collective game to date, but there's no harm in throwing them a click if this looks like your thing.