Planetside 2's Vanu Sovereignty armour, weapons and vehicles detailed

[VAMS id="VV528rZ5OfAB0"]

PlanetSide 2 's Vanu Sovereignty are the high-tech force of the game, embracing ancient alien technology to get about and shoot people. In this video their armour, weapons and vehicles are shown in minute detail. Knock yourself out if you care about the material their shoulderpads are made of (it's Nanofullerite), or the what their kneepads are manufactured from (Nanofullerite again - maybe the Vanu Sovereignty got a bulk discount from the cash and carry).

It seems that developers Sony Online Entertainment have put a great amount of attention to detail into the design, though. It reminds me of those videos showing how much effort Crytek put into the paunchy, jumpy man's suit for Crysis 2.