Planetside 2 update redesigns Amerish, new trailer rounds up the changes

Dammit, Planetside 2! Every time they release a new continent-wide update, they upgrade the chosen landmass to utilise the redesigned Lattice system. What they mean is a linking series of attack avenues, designed to focus the flow of battle and create natural chokepoints for large-scale battles. What I always think of is lovely, tasty pastries . I'm hungry now, so thanks a lot SOE.

Other than the delicious lattice, Amerish has also been spruced up with more detail, optimised performance and repositioned bases. You can see a full round of the changes in the new update trailer.

With this update, released last Friday, all three of Planetside 2's current continents have been updated with the Lattice system. The long-awaited fourth continent, Hossin, is now expected to arrive in May.

Phil Savage

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