PlanetSide 2 Alpha Squad package gives beta access, exclusive items

Sony Online Entertainment deployed a feature-filled pre-launch deal for PlanetSide 2 today entitled Alpha Squad . For $40, purchasers receive ( deep breath ) a 4000 Station Cash purse for use in the in-game store, an exclusive coat of armor camouflage, a 6-month XP and resource boost, 12 weapon unlocks, and a snazzy "Founder" title. Oh, and instant beta access.

Sony Online says buyers of Alpha Squad will have their accounts immediately flagged for beta without needing a key. All in-game bonuses apply across your account as well, so any soldier you create receives these boosts automatically.

As for the weapons, here's what unlocks for each faction. Incoming acronym attack:

Assault Rifle

  • New Conglomerate: GR-22
  • Terran Republic: Cycler TRV
  • Vanu Sovereignty: H-V45


  • New Conglomerate: AC-X11
  • Terran Republic: T5
  • Vanu Sovereignty: Pulsar C

Light Machine Gun

  • New Conglomerate: EM6 LMG
  • Terran Republic: TMG-50 B
  • Vanu Sovereignty: SVA-88

Sniper Rifle

  • New Conglomerate: LA80
  • Terran Republic: SR-7
  • Vanu Sovereignty: V10

PlanetSide 2 doesn't have a firm release date yet, but the raging beta battles between the three resource-hungry factions have racked up impressive numbers so far. More info on Alpha Squad awaits your perusal at the official website .

Omri Petitte

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