Planet Zoo's latest trailer shows off the upcoming beta's features

Planet Zoo's beta is kicking off soon, though lamentably only for zookeepers who have preordered Frontier's management game. If you're waiting until November, you can still get a sliver of the beta experience by watching the beta gameplay trailer above. 

The beta will let early birds check out both the career mode, where they'll jump around solving zoo problems and taking on challenges, and the franchise mode, where you get a zoo and run it as you see fit. 

As ever, the stars of the trailer are its animals, from the cute warthogs scratching each other to escaped rhinos terrifying guests. At Gamescom, Andy Kelly also had to deal with an escaped rhino in Planet Zoo,  so check out his preview for some tips.

Frontier is hosting a Reddit AMA on Planet Zoo at 3 pm BST/10 am EST today, so if you've got any burning zoo management questions, throw them into the pile. You might net yourself a copy of the Deluxe Edition if you do. 

Planet Zoo's beta begins on September 24 and runs until October 8, while the full game is due out on November 5.

Fraser Brown
Online Editor

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