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Planet Coaster will rely on sophisticated 'Guest Brains' to determine attendee behaviour

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Planet Coaster's developer diaries have discussed the incoming theme park builder's obsessive attention to detail in the past, however the latest is perhaps its most intriguing yet. Entitled 'The Guest Brain', developer Frontier Developments explores the sophisticated and idiosyncratic ways guests navigate and interact with the parks—and how your handiwork shapes their wellbeing. 

While the original Theme Park, for example, allowed players to gauge customer feedback via crude single-word descriptions, Planet Coaster has them aware of their surroundings—making cultured decisions, such as whether to hitch a ride on in-park transport to further-flung attractions or to go by foot instead. Attendees with families in tow are less likely to vouch for high-speed thrill rides and of course tiredness, hunger and whether or not they require a toilet are but a few of the factors which might influence their behaviours. 

In March, Andy spoke at length with Frontier's Jonny Watts—who also worked on spiritual predecessor RollerCoaster Tycoon—and while the number of options the pre-alpha offered at the time was impressive, the level of detail Planet Coaster promises now ahead of its November 17 launch suggests it's well on track to reinvigorate the theme park simulation genre.