Planet Coaster player creates Disneyland-caliber ride out of James Bond's Moonraker

If you asked me what a Disneyland version of a James Bond ride would look like, I'd probably say it would need to have a handful of classic moments, such as Goldfinger interrogating Bond with a weiner-burning laser. I definitely wouldn't say a faithful recreation of the movie Moonraker. But alas, that's exactly what Planet Coaster creator Brad Hamilton made, and I couldn't be happier with the result.

Brad's Moonraker ride takes you through the entire movie, hitting all of its notes impeccably. Throughout the duration of the ride, you'll visit all of the movie's locations, including Venice, Brazil, and (of course) space. However, the best part of it all is that it'll play the actual music and audio from the movie if you download the right files—these are provided by Brad via Dropbox. If you go this route, he suggests you set your sound effect volume to 24, "so that the music comes through properly."

You can subscribe on the Steam Workshop to take the ride for a spin yourself, but you don't have to own Planet Coaster to experience the engineering masterpiece. Just sit back, relax, and hit play on the video at the top of this article.

This isn't the first time Brad's created a movie-themed ride for Planet Coaster. Over on his YouTube channel, you can take a look at rides based on Blade Runner and Tron Legacy, in addition to a pirate-themed Indiana Jones-style ride. And if you want to throw them into your park, you can subscribe to them through the Steam Workshop links in the video descriptions.

Brad isn't the only one creating movie-themed rides and attractions for Planet Coaster. Late last year, I talked to Planet Coaster player Marcel Münch about his recreations of Star Wars' most iconic ships and how he built them.