Planet Coaster cheat lets you drive go-karts in first person

Apparently a new holiday has been christened today, as Frontier Developments declared it Planet Coaster Cheat Day and took the opportunity to reveal some previously undiscovered cheats hidden in its theme park builder. There's a whole slew of them, but the one in the video above is easily the coolest. Name a go-kart track in your park "Bollard" and you'll be able to take direct control of a go-kart in first person.

WASD steers the kart, Shift honks the horn, and there you go: it's no Mario Kart, but you can drive around a course of your own design at ground level. For an extra boost, name an NPC "Andy Chappell" and take control of their kart. If you can avoid spinning out, you'll rocket past the other racers in their pathetic, normal speed go-karts. Hopefully the modding community will find a way to make this multiplayer, and we'll give it a week before horrific first person go-kart accidents start showing up on YouTube.

Some highlights from the other revealed cheats include being able to take control of a park guest in first person as they walk around your park by renaming them "TegidCam", turning off roller coaster friction by renaming a guest "Andy Fletcher", and giving security guards the ability to plow through guests like a bulldozer by renaming them "Lockettman". You can also make all of your guests simultaneously vomit by renaming a shop "MCLINTHE" if that's the sort of thing you are into.

You can see a full list of all the cheats Frontier showed off today on Planet Coaster's official forums, though it's safe to assume there's more where those came from waiting to be found. I thought cheats were nearly extinct nowadays, so it's nice to see a game keep the unscrupulous torch lit. 

Tom Marks
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