PixelJunk Eden's Steam Winter Flash Sale doubled its income

Q-Games' Dylan Cuthbert confirmed on Twitter that the Steam Winter Flash Sale of PixelJunk Eden, which slashed the price down from $10 to $1, doubled that game's income. In other words, with front page placement and the deeply discounted $1 price tag, PixelJunk Eden earned in just 8 hours what it previously earned over a little under a year. Q-Games and Cuthbert have not shared specific figures, but needless to say they seem enthused .

This impressive tidbit reiterates what we already know about Steam and its seasonal sales: they help developers sell a ton of copies of their games. Phil Fish said that the last Steam Summer Sale moved 105,000 copies of Fez in just 48 hours . The significant discounts obviously makes games more tempting to buy, but also a Flash Sale game gets featured on the front page of the store. With as much as 7 million concurrent Steam users out of a total of around 65 million , top placement in the Steam store is probably the best advertising in PC gaming, sale or no sale.

If you haven't played PixelJunk Eden, it's a fantastic abstract platformer fueled by Bayion 's beautiful soundtrack. It was a great game when it was first released on PSN in 2008, and it arguably became even better when it was optimized for PC and released on Steam in February 2012. Unfortunately, it's no longer on sale.