Pitch and roll with this new Ace Combat 7 campaign footage

"I'm curious to know, does the colour of the sky matter to you?" asked Ace Combat 7: Skies Unknown's E3 trailer. As you might expect, I like it best when it's blue because when it's green it normally means I'm hurtling towards the ground at a rate of knots before—


This is normally how my own cloudbound ventures into combat flight sims end, however if you're more adept in the cockpit I'll bet the latest Ace Combat 7 campaign footage floats your skyboat. 

As posted by the folks at IGN, here's 14 minutes of it, alongside some informative developer commentary from series director Kazutoki Kono:

As you'll see there, the above kicks off by outlining the two control settings available to players from the off—one tailored to novices like myself, and another better suited to experienced virtual pilots. The basic breakdown of this sees beginners leveraging a control pad's left stick in order to operate the bird; whereas experts make turns by way of precision roll and pitch adjustments, said to better emulate real life controls. 

Kono then dives into the campaign and shows off what Ace Combat 7's Hornet plane is capable of—something you'll get the chance to experience first hand when Skies Unknown, ahem, lands on PC later this year.