Pirates of the Burning Sea now free to play

Pirates of the Burning Sea

It's time to grab the grog and hoist the mainsail, Pirates of the Burning Sea has gone free-to-play. More details and a trailer for the game are buried below.

This swashbuckling MMO lets you play as a scurvy ridden rogue of the high seas or a member of the national forces tasked with keeping the Buccaneers at bay. There's plenty of sword fighting and naval combat, and an extensive PvP component in which national forces and pirate fleets fight for control of the Ports of the Spanish Main.

The game's free to play, but Premium items will be on sale in the Treasure Aisle item shop, and you'll still be able to pay a subscription to become a member of the Captain's Club , which entitles you to faster experience gains and a discount at the item shop. For more information point your spyglass towards the Pirates of the Burning Sea site or check out the trailer below.

[via RPS ]

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