Pillars of Eternity's The White March Part One expansion is out this month

Paradox Pillars-of-Eternity trailer.mp4 snapshot 00.02 [2015.06.16 13.37.23]

At E3, Paradox Interactive revealed as part of the PC Gaming Show that Pillars of Eternity would be getting an expansion and it would be called The White March Part One. Now we have a release date, and it's not far off at all: August 25.

Featuring an "expertly crafted" story by Pillars writers Carrie Patel and Eric Fenstermaker, the expansion will increase the character level cap and add "a tremendous amount of new content," including artifacts, companions, abilities, and an entirely new area of the world to explore.

Naturally, that means the Pillars of Eternity 2.0 update, announced shortly after The White March was revealed, should be out around the same time. That update, true to its 2.0 descriptor, will make a number of major changes to the game, foremost among them the addition of party AI and individual character stealth.

That's about all Paradox and developer Obsidian Interactive have to say about the expansion at this point. To find out more about what's coming, they recommend having a look at the reveal trailer, which of course we already did back in June. But hey—let's do it again!

(Thanks, Gamasutra)

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