Pillars of Eternity update 2.0 adds party AI, solo stealth

Pillars of Eternity Slide

Pillars of Eternity is getting a hefty patch to coincide with the release of its expansion, The White March: Part 1. You know it's serious when they bust out the '2.0', and true to that descriptor the update adds several features that should improve the RPG quite a bit. The first is party AI, meaning we'll no longer have to micromanage every facet of combat if we can't be bothered. We can select from several types of AI behaviour, interrupting or switching off the feature as necessary.

We'll also soon be able to put individual characters into stealth mode, rather than making the whole party creep about at the same time as the rogue. Meanwhile, accuracy indicators above enemy heads should make it easier to determine whether your hits are going to, er, hit.

Patch 2.0 will release at around the same time as The White March: Part 1, but you won't need to grab that in order to download it. The above trailer shows the new features in action.

Tom Sykes

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