Pillars of Eternity: The White March Part 2 is out now, so here's a launch trailer

Pillars of Eternity The White March Part 1

Obsidian releases the second part of its Pillars of Eternity 'The White March' DLC today, and to celebrate the studio has released the above trailer. It features brooding music and lots of foreboding voiceovers, intercut with footage of goodies duking it out with baddies.

The expansion's release follows its predecessor, which launched in August last year. Andy Kelly wrote that it's "more of the same, but with an increased focus on combat and dungeons. If that appeals, The White March may be worth a visit."

The White March Part 2 adds new quests, abilities and a new companion called Meneha, who you can learn more about over here. The expansion includes a new location called Abbey of the Fallen Moon, which Tyler detailed last month, as well as a raised level cap and a new "Story Time" mode. The expansion marks the end of the Pillars of Eternity story, but it's looking pretty likely there will be a sequel.

Shaun Prescott

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