Photographs is a story-driven puzzler from the maker of You Must Build A Boat

You Must Build A Boat and 10,000,000 creator Luca Redwood revealed a new game today: Photographs, a five-part puzzle game built on branching, interwoven stories, with art by Octavi "Pixelshuh" Navarro (best known for Thimbleweed Park) and music by Ben Prunty (best known for FTL). 

"Photograph's big secret is that it's not a puzzle game," the press kit says. "It's five puzzle games. The game is divided into five distinct stories, set in five different times and locations. A player will learn how to solve progressively difficult puzzles in one story, and then move to the next story which has completely different gameplay." 

The varied puzzles on display in its announcement trailer are the most striking thing about Photographs considering Redwood's previous hits both iterated on the match-3 formula. The game's official site describes its connecting storyline as tragic and mysterious, which is also a significant departure from the zaniness of You Must Build A Boat and 10,000,000—though it's arguably in line with the social despair of Redwood's other game, Smarter Than You.

 Photographs is scheduled to release on PC in 2018.  

Austin Wood
Staff writer, GamesRadar

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