Phasmophobia's latest update lets ghosts do even more creepy stuff

Phasmophobia ghost closeup
(Image credit: Kinetic Games)

Over the last couple of updates, ghosts in Phasmophobia have become able to do increasingly unsettling things, from moving around corners and opening doors, to blowing out candles.

The latest update makes the supernatural buggers now even harder to evade, as their movement speed now increases over time if they see you during a hunt, and they will only leave off if they can't find you at your last known location. This change applies to all ghosts except Revenants. Ghosts will also remember the location they saw you in during the last hunt and will search that place first during the next hunt.

Ghost now can't move during the starting phase of a hunt, so you know when things have kicked off. At the same time, the starting phase has been reduced from eight seconds to five.

That's not all—closets, which previously offered Fort Knox-esque levels of security, are now also slightly less useful, as ghosts now have a chance to open both doors, at least slightly. One really cool yet absolutely terrifying addition to their skillset lets them open the doors fully if they hear you talking from inside a closet or locker. It's not all bad news for ghost hunting though, as furniture will now block the line of sight between you and ghosts, with the goal to essentially give you a lot more hiding spots, even though they're slightly precarious in nature.

The update also brings some more changes to other aspects of the game, as well as a whole host of bug fixes. You can find the complete list on Steam. If you're interested in what new content and fixes are in Phasmophobia's future, you can visit Kinetic Games' public Trello list