Peggle, PopCap's rage-inducing digital pachinko game, is free on Origin

If you're looking for (another) reason to get mad and scream at your computer about the inherent unfairness of the universe, PopCap's infuriating, pachinko-inspired Peggle is now free on Origin. 

This isn't the first time Peggle has gone On the House but it's been awhile, and it's definitely one worth having if you haven't already picked it up. For as much as it is likely enrage you when the ball bounces this way instead of that, it's an outstanding time-killer from PopCap's best days: Bright, flashy, cute, and hard to put down. Also maddening as hell. Have I mentioned that?

And now, much like Phil four years ago, I'm pretty much done here. It's Peggle, it's free, you should get it. But if you want more, here's Jason Kapalka (who actually left PopCap in 2014 to found Blue Wizard Digital, and my how time flies) dishing the dirt on the Making of Peggle

Andy Chalk

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