PC Gamer US: The 2018 preview

2017 was a great year for PC gaming, but the next 12 months promises to be even bigger. With this in mind, our comprehensive 2018 preview looks to the year ahead by gathering 42 of the biggest games en route to PC. 

Our indie special boasts the likes of Pip's conversation with Ooblets developer Glumberland, our inside look at the drawing boards and sketchbooks of five amazing indie artists, and Andy's return to the charming and mysterious Fez. 

Elsewhere, Rick Lane explores the history of Ion Storm Austin in part two of our comprehensive behind-the-scenes feature; while our 2018 preview gathers 42 games that will make this an exceptional year for PC gamers, whatever your taste. Previews this month include the FTL devs' Into the Breach, Wandersong, Tala and more. Reviews include Seven: The Days Long Gone, Shadowhand, and Okami HD among others.  

Issue 302 is on shelves now and available on all your digital devices from Google Play, and the App Store.  You can also order direct from My Favourite Magazines or purchase a subscription to save money, and receive monthly deliveries.   

This month:

  • Our 2018 preview.
  • The second part of our huge History of Ion Storm Feature.
  • Into the Breach, Wandersong, Tala and more previewed.
  • Seven: The Days Long Gone, Shadowhand, Okami HD and more reviewed.
  • Our wireless mice group test.
  • And much more! 
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