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PC Gamer UK Podcast 64: Undeadinburgh

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The PC Gamer team return for a freewheelin’ discussion about (mostly) PC gaming. Pip is annoyed by a fish, Phil is confused by a jungle, and Sam is nauseated by a corpse. Also, a mysterious signal; a transmission from a far off land. But who is its sender, and why are they surrounded by cardboard?

Download:  Episode 64: Undeadinburgh. You can also subscribe on iTunes or keep up with new releases using our RSS feed.  

Discussed: Tiny Bubbles, Shadow of the Tomb Raider, Cities: Skylines, BattleTech, Disco Elysium.

Starring: Samuel Roberts, Phil Savage, Philippa Warr, Andy Kelly

The PC Gamer UK Podcast is a weekly podcast about PC gaming. Thoughts? Feedback? Requests? Tweet us @PCGamerPod, or email This week’s music is from Tomb Raider 3.

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