PC Gamer UK Christmas issue: Star Citizen

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This month, we've got exclusive studio access to Star Citizen's absurdly ambitious singleplayer campaign, Squadron 42. We sent Andy to Foundry 42, to find out how the UK studio is drawing inspiration from Thief and Deus Ex in their creation of an ambitious, open-ended shooter. Chris then talks to Mark Hamill – that's him on the cover – and John Rhys-Davis about their role in the game. Also, for some reason, we learn Rhys-Davies idea for a game set in the American Revolution.

If space isn't your thing, how about high-velocity shards of metal? This month, we round up our 20 favourite first-person shooters, and travel to Firaxicon to interview Sid Meier and enjoy Guy Fieri-approved eateries. Also: free stuff. This issue, you can get a Steam key for Scraps, free Wargrame items and a starter pack for Robocraft. The issue, which is in shops now, can be ordered through My Favourite Magazines. Digitally, you'll find it on the App Store, and it should soon appear on Google Play, and Zinio. You can also subscribe to get issues delivered directly to your door. Below you can feast upon our subscriber's cover, and find a round-up of the contents of this issue's perspicacious pages.

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This month we...

  • Get the low-down on Star Citizen's ambitious campaign, Squadron 42.
  • Round-up the 20 best games to shoot things in.
  • Talk to Sid Meier about Firaxis and Civilization.
  • Catch up with the progress of Just Cause 3, XCOM 2, Rainbow Six Siege, Master of Orion, The Wall Shall Stand and Battleborn.
  • Review all the things. Specifically, Guild Wars 2: Heart of Thorns, Batman: Arkham Knight, Armikrog, Prison Architect, Life Is Strange, Broforce, Rebel Galaxy, The Beginner's Guide, Sword Coast Legends, 80 Days, Human Resources Machine, Mushroom 11 and Tales from the Borderlands.
  • Are baffled by Battlefield 4 in Now Playing.
  • Take another look at Dota 2, now that it's been Reborn.
  • Revisit the horror of Penumbra: Black Plague.
  • Get stranded on a barren world in Andy's Take On Mars diary.
  • Enjoy Red Alert's ant missions in Why I Love.

Until next month, y'all!

Phil Savage

Phil has been writing for PC Gamer for nearly a decade, starting out as a freelance writer covering everything from free games to MMOs. He eventually joined full-time as a news writer, before moving to the magazine to review immersive sims, RPGs and Hitman games. Now he leads PC Gamer's UK team, but still sometimes finds the time to write about his ongoing obsessions with Destiny 2, GTA Online and Apex Legends. When he's not levelling up battle passes, he's checking out the latest tactics game or dipping back into Guild Wars 2. He's largely responsible for the whole Tub Geralt thing, but still isn't sorry.