PC Gamer presents: the Ultimate PC Gaming Money-Saver's Guide

Introducing The Ultimate PC Gaming Money-Saver's Guide! Think of it as a 146 page financial advisor: giving you the best tips to pinch pennies, without sacrificing your gaming time. From running classic games on modern rigs, to discovering free gaming gold hidden deep in the mines of the internet, our guide will arm you with the knowledge to play more while paying less.

Here's what you'll find inside:

  • Richard Cobbett teaches gaming necromancy. How to resurrect golden oldies on modern rigs.

  • Our hardware guide will show you how to build a budget PC .

  • Find new fun in old games with our guide to co-op gaming .

  • Easily extend your games with the best of the Steam Workshop.

  • Jon Blyth revisits bargain brilliance in They're Back .

  • Phil Savage picks out the best free games and mods in Top 100 Downloads .

  • Find a new perspective on old classics with Reinstall .

  • Squeeze the most out of your games with our How To guides.

The Ultimate PC Gaming Money-Saver's Guide is out now. For £9.99 you can download it to your iPad/iPhone through the PC Gamer App , or grab a physical copy in your local magazine emporium.


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